Our Mission

PCOS Together's mission  is to improve our understanding of health outcomes and  health care in women with and without  PCOS in Canada. The focus is on  cardiometabolic risk, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and improving health care in those with PCOS.

Our Research

PCOS Together is a research program aimed at understanding the health status and improving the health and health care of women with PCOS. To do this we are trying to understand the health risks and long term health outcomes in women with PCOS. We have found that women with PCOS in Alberta are at 2 and 3 fold higher risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  We are establishing methods to detect early disease risk in women with PCOS. We are also undertaking clinical interventions to treat high-risk women with PCOS in the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Our Studies

We have several studies that you can learn more about:

  1. Heart health in women with and without PCOS  
  2. Understanding health care and nutrition services in women with PCOS  
  3. Health outcomes in women with and without PCOS  
  4. Fish oil-metformin improves blood lipids in high-risk women with PCOS  
  5. Eating habits and disordered eating patterns in those with and without PCOS
  6. Tracking cardiovascular disease progression in women with and without PCOS
  7. Fish oil combined metformin therapy to reduce blood lipids and cardiovascular disease progression in high-risk women with PCOS.

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Surveying the Silence: Alberta Women's Health Foundation Report, February 1, 2023

For the full report from the Alberta Women's Health Foundation, Surveying the Silence, please click the following link: https://www.albertawomenshealthfoundation.org/our-impact/surveying-the-silence

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